Model not available in Australia

To meet the growing demand for low-speed electric transportation solutions, the Australian Low-Speed Electric Vehicle manufacturer, ZED Solar Electric Vehicle Company partnered with Zero Emissions Developments to bring to market a range of innovative LSEV’s and golf carts powered by an embedded solar panelled roof and PowerCap® Technology as the primary energy source.

PowerCap® Technology is well suited to power mobile applications due to its inherent power density and naturally long lifespan, backed up with a 20-year warranty.

PowerCap® Technology

Powered by PowerCap® technology to deliver a sustainably powerful driving experience. ZED Solar Electric Vehicle Company vehicles offer bi-directional charging (where permitted), an energy-efficient battery management system, and unmatched driving range capabilities.

Solar Roof

ZED Solar Electric Vehicle Company vehicles are built with the end-user in mind, with embedded Solar Roofing, which allows our range to charge in motion to extend the time between charges*.

*under normal weather and driving conditions.

Strengthened Alloy Frame

Designed and engineered to withstand the rigours of everyday use the light and strong chassis featuring a ladder-style frame ensures maximum driving comfort and durability. 

Robust Trans-axle

The integrated pressure-die-casting aluminium gearbox housing is tightly sealed; Power is transmitted via mesh and involute teeth bevel gears, which generate steady output torque, lower noise and much better efficiency.

KDS DC Traction Motor

KDS Motor features one of the industry‘s best responsiveness to speed controller, and enable GREENMAN CAR equally smooth ride in hilly or flat terrain.

Custom Colour Registration

UV proof ingredients are added in the coating process to ensure all our vehicles can withstand all types of weather. 

Fast charging

Solar roof for
in-motion charging


Aluminium Alloy body

70km range
(90 holes of golf)

USB charging ports